Try-On Tips

Since our pieces go directly on skin, please avoid trying them on with body make-up, lotion, oil, fragrance, or other topical creams on your skin. When it comes to intimates, it’s best to be careful until you’re 100% sure you’re keeping it. 🙂


Trying on a Bra:

    1. Mind the straps. 
      Straps should sit taut without digging into your skin or sagging on your shoulders. This ensures optimal comfort. 

    2. Start loose. 
      The band should ideally fit snug on the loosest hook so you can adjust it over time as the elastic and fabric naturally stretches with wash and wear.

    3. Snug as a hug. 🤗
      Bra bands should fit straight and across your back, below your bust line. It’s best if it’s snug, but make sure it’s not digging in uncomfortably. If a band is rising up in the back, consider going down a size. If a band is digging into your sides and creating spillage, consider going up a size. 

    4. Scoop ‘em girls. 
      Yup, you read it right. Scooping is a must!🍦 Use your hands to scoop up your breast tissue and place yourself in the cup. A bit of shimmying might also help!

Bottoms and Bodysuits: 

Please try on all bottoms and bodysuit pieces on top of your own underwear or pair of tights. When it comes to intimates, sharing is never caring.

If you’d like personalized fit tips, advice or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line via the Contact Us form or email us at and we’ll see what we can do for you.